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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Week 6, 2011

Again a little late with this post.  This week, same old same old, except a meeting for my sister Kathy on Wednesday.  Things do not look good for her program.  Important decisions need to be made on her behalf.  The trick is to figure out how to preserve what works in her life while making huge compromises on some key aspects.  The trick will be figuring out what changes won't be hurt her physically and mentally.

I am hoping to make it to Costco sometime this week to pick up some things for the few days at the beach:)  I got a couple of eggs one day from my girls.  If I am guessing right, Hannah and Harriet are the contributors.  I do not know what this means for Henrietta's future.  Maybe she is a slow starter.

Max is still riding high from such a fun birthday.  He keeps shaking his head and saying he can't believe how cool his cake was.  Little things like that always means so much to him.

Today, I am hoping to be really active.  Yesterday I did next to nothing to let a couple sores heal, but think I am well enough to be out and about.  Darn it, I hope I didn't just jinx myself.

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