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Saturday, February 12, 2011


A show I have enjoyed over the last four weeks has been the IFC series, Portlandia.  It is a very short series of 6 episodes, giving an endearing or mocking, depending on how you look at it, view of Portlanders.  If a person is watching it outside of the Northwest, I am not sure how funny they would find the show, but for an Oregonian, I think it is hilarious because I get it.  I have seen someone just like every character you will find in the show.  I am a few characters to my chagrin.  But it is tongue and cheek and I mind the making fun of us very sweet and endearing.  I know.  I might be in denial, but I will enjoy this quirky and I must say very real depiction of the wide variety of people you will find when visiting the city of roses. 

Here is a clip to go and see the first scene of the series that is more music video than a scene.

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