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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dots, Dots, Dots

Yesterday I started on my bedroom.  Did not take a break, or stop and eat lunch (which my digestion then rebelled).  I got done around 4:00, which includes dropping things off at good will.  I needed to take the items right away, because if I don't................Well it goes like this.  I go through my books, the romance novels that tend to gather, I put the ones to take to Goodwill in a plastic bag and leave it in my closet.  My aunt Laura visits my mom and leaves sacks of books, my mom sends me some in sacks, and I put them into the closet till I have time to go through them.  I then go  through all of them, because I don't know which sack is which, I separate and make a new sack for Good will put it in the closet, and then bring home another sack from Moms.  It is an eternal circle.  Just goes round and round.  What sometimes happens, is I get about a third of the way into the book before I realise I had just read the book a few weeks before.  So to Goodwill I took 2 sacks of books, three sacks of clothes and miscellaneous items.

Now if you are wondering if I will ever get sick of polka dots, the answer is NO.  But my sister Kris is responsible for the newest addition of dots.  Must admit, the sheets and comforter she found are very satiny, silky, soft.  I love it.  LL walked in last evening and I think said something like, "I feel like I am in Minnie Mouse's bedroom".  Well that made it even better:)

I know, why does two adults have stuffed animals in their room.  Well they were both gifts and I feel a nice reflection of LL and me.  His is a gopher that sings "The Gambler", you know the song......"you got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em".  And my sweet "little" hippo sings "Tip toe through the tulips".

Maybe I should not broadcast that I am the Hippo, but I don't care, she is so darn cute dancing in her tutu.

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