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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hannah Update-Dang........

Was so ready to let her go.  Last week, I stated she is not producing and I don't even really like her, "so Aunt Leone, lets make a trade."  Aunt Leone said, "give her more time, till the end of March, because if she starts laying, the eggs will be bigger and better than the one year old hen you would get from trading her."  Well, this is why every new immature coop keeper, needs a professional coop keeper like my Aunt Leone.  I still don't really like it. 

The bird from hell

Hannah is a real piece of work.  She is bitchy without real leadership qualities like Harriet.  Harriet is on top of the pecking order, but also is the most dependable layer.

Harriet, she is the smaller island red with the smaller comb

And then there is my sweet Henrietta.  See, Hannah can't even let Henrietta have her moment.  Hannah has to horn in on everything.

Henrietta, bigger bird and longer, floppy comb,
 who is doing the best to pose without the pest behind her

Henrietta is so easy to photograph.  She is not the sharpest tool in the shed, and is so lovey dovey.  She comes up to me and lets me pick her up to pet and hug her. She started laying a couple weeks ago.

But guess what?  The dang bird Hannah, AKA--the bird from hell, layed an egg today.  It is the slightly speckled one.  Very big.

  Aunt Leone is the master.  I bow down to her and will always take her advice............But I don't have to like it.  Still imagining Hannah as someones soup:)

Yes, you better run from me, because I don't like you Hannah, any better than you like me

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