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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bentos Anyone?

LL made the mistake of not bringing home his lunch box that is put in very everyday plastic ware with his food.  So I made a bento in my Japanese bento box contained in a cute canvas draw string bag, and of course.....I had to make it especially cute.! 
Must say, he did come home and say he will try not to forget his lunch box again:)

I made a house out of rice, with tomato/nori windows and carrot door.  Along with a tree made of a rice base, lettuce foliage, carrot berries, and bacon stump.  AHHH! Tucked in the sides are fried potatos from Sunday's breakfast.

Along with it, I put left over Homeplace pizza from his birthday.

Because he is still at a conference that supplies lunch, and I had left overs from last night, I made myself a bento for lunch today.  Two spring rolls made from rice sheets and stir fry from last night.  A rice ball, apple slices and split pea soup from last week.  Didn't take the time on my bento to make it cute.  But ate it today and was a nice treat.

I know LL puts up with my "cute" lunches because he loves me.  But when I am particularly proud of the lunch, I remind him to show Lynda.  Lynda is his good friend that is more than his secretary.  I am not even sure what her official title is, but I know she keeps LL sane.  When she has a day off, I know before he tells me.  He is a bit grumpier and frustrated.  So Lynda.....LL told me he showed you his bento, but I am not so sure.  Let me know.  I need someone to appreciate my effort:)

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Lynda said...

I did see your bento, and I might add, the lovely box with the string. The little house and tree were so cute... I told your LL if he was too embarrassed to eat it I would. You know that through all his sass about the "cute lunches" he snarfed it down in no time. Keep it up, we all enjoy it! Lynda :)