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Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Think I Need An Intervention

It has been awhile since I have blogged about plastic.  And even longer since I blogged about my great weakness for containers.  First off, in my defense, quite a few months ago, I made a commitment to no longer buy plastic if I can help it.  Although, I did not get rid of what I had, I stuck to my commitment. (except with a momentary weakness at Cosco for cereal bad!)  So while going through my plastics, I tried to give the same diligence I give the rest of the house and items.  I really have no problem with getting rid of things we don't use.  I will give them to someone I know, Goodwill, or recycle.  And I do use the plastic I already have for LL's lunch.  Where he works, because it is a secured facility, does not allow glass.  I figure, better to use and reuse what I have, rather then it end up in the landfill.

So I got my plastics in order.  Made sure any residue of gluten is off.  But then comes my real weakness.  I can not seem to get rid of any plastic lid.  This is my way of thinking.  What if I just misplaced the container and it shows up..........what if it is a lid to someone elses container that they accidently left.........what if I can use this lid for some other purpose!  I can't do it.  A normal person would match their containers with the lids and throw the rest out or recycle.  Well I never said I was normal.  Just can not do it.  So, Calling all out to anyone who has ever been to my house bearing food........come see if I have your lid.  You might just find Pay Dirt.


Kuusou said...

Haha, this made really made me laugh - I never give away items if I don't have the lids to them. Waffleboy worries about me sometimes!

katie said...

I reuse those mystery lids as plates for the kids... the old Tupperware was best for this, but the newer ones have more of a lip on them and it helps the boys not to use their fingers to push the food onto their forks... either way a score for me and the planet