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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lost My Mind!

This morning, I fed my girls their daily scratch, and a good amount of scraps.  Went about my day, let them out to free range, and decided to check on them.

I love my three ladies who give me eggs.  Well, not so much Hannah, but you already know that story.

While out there, I realized I have not put any layer feed out for them since I went to the casino.  I have given up using the feeder, because here in Oregon, you can try to make something rain proof, but the moisture gets in.  So I usually only give them a couple days worth at a time.

I keep the feed in the green house.

  Although I have seen no snakes this year in there, they have been in there in the past.  I have not seen mice, but have seen evidence of them from time to time.  And then there is the dang squirrels, who are in there all the time.  So with out even thinking, when I got to the green house door, I knocked.  I knocked on the door of my own green house like I was needing permission to enter.  I guess my subconscious was thinking I was giving them warning I was coming in.  Like the snakes, mice and squirrels know the proper etiquette.  Well maybe the squirrels would be startled enough to leave, but I don't think the mice and snakes have received the memo that a knock means to leave the premises.  I think I have finally, fully, completely lost my mind:(

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