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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bread of Life

No one has ever told me life was fair.  And with the goings on in the world, I should not complain.  But it is hard enough to fill your cupboards with the rising cost of food.  Add to it, trying to fill your cupboards with staples that is gluten free...........outrageous! 

I am a starch girl.  I love bread, pasta, and so on.  (No wonder I have developed gluten intolerance)  And I am CRAVING a piece of toast with homemade jam.  So I knew I would have to do this.  Thought I should wait till I go to Whole Foods after my doctor appointment next week.  But LL wants to go to the doctor with me and will have to get back to work, so I couldn't wait any longer.  After taking the advice of Kayli from Sitka, I looked up recipes that are gluten free.  Found some good ones that have some ingredients in common.  So I made a list.  Went to my local grocery store that has a good selection of health foods, but almost none in bulk like I could have bought at Whole Foods.  And here is what I got.
Does this look like $70.00's worth of food?  Yikes!  (I hope LL doesn't read this post)  The amount of certain flours are small prepackaged but at least I can now try to make my own bread, figure out what works, and then go to Whole Foods and stock up. 

Now I need to take out our spare toaster and my bread machine and take a tooth brush to both and get all gluten residue off.  I don't think we will be RVing (*trying not to cry*)  this weekend, so tomorrow, I will attempt to make a loaf of gluten free bread.  Oh don't worry.  I will blog and show a picture, even if it is a horrible failure.

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