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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top Of The Morning

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I am back from my short casino trip.  I had fun but did not have the luck of the Irish on this trip.  I had a few good hours health wise, but alas, things went south.  I thought I was careful, but I must of had something unknowingly with gluten, and/or am allergic to shell fish.  Very bad time before I left the casino, and a bad time the rest of the afternoon and evening.  I was doing so good before, that I could almost forget how miserable and painful things are when it gets bad.

I think it is just too soon for me to eat something I have not prepared myself.  And I have to say, I am missing my annual corned beef and cabbage dish I make this time of year.  It really is delicious.  So I am posting the link to last year's recipe in case someone has never made corned beef before.  Corned beef is on sale everywhere this week so now is a good time to try it.

St. Patty's Cooking

Did not sleep well last night because of "issues".  So I am moving slow.  I was hoping to do some yard work today, but it is raining pretty hard here.  Only thing I have to do today is go to the store to restock my supply of fruits and vegetables.  I have been watching a lot of cable news to get updates on Japan.  Really does make my life seem trivial and mundane, but will hold that nation up in prayer every chance I get.  I hope everyone has a good St. Patty's day and maybe down a pint of Guinness if you are so inclined.

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