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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bento Time-No Excuses

I need to do a better job writing on my other blog about my foods and "issues".  Over the last few weeks, I have found I can eat most all fruits and vegetables,(haven't tried broccoli or cauliflower yet) and fish.  In small doses I can eat lettuce, chicken, and shrimp.  The thing I can not seem to tolerated even a little is gluten.  Bad things happen to my body. 

I am getting ready to leave and pick Mom up to take her over night to a casino.  Over the last year, every time I go, I have major "issues" with my digestion.  Almost takes all the fun out of it.  But now that I know what some of my food triggers are, I am hoping to have a better time.  One problem though, is that the choices of restaurants is a sports bar, which mostly has sandwiches, creamy soups and fries.  And buffet.  The buffet might have some gluten free choices, but with the mass amount of food they make, contamination might be likely.  I might be able to order a baked potato or small salad at the sports bar.  I am sure I will not go hungry, but I know myself.  If my choices are slim, I might just say what the heck and hear myself saying to the waitress, "I'll take a Reuben sandwich with fries".  That does sound good doesn't it? 

So what's the plan Stan?  I decided if I feel hungry after making and eating a good safe choice, I need something back in the room that is yummy and safe.  So I made myself a bento.
Rice balls with tofu,onion, and mushroom stir fry with homemade sauce and tomatoes.  And carrots, grapes and hard boiled eggs. 

Hopefully, this will prevent me from doing something stupid.  I may still make a mistake and eat something wrong, but now I have No Excuse making a bad choice on purpose.  Looking forward to an overnight trip without too bad of "issues".


Kayli said...

Sounds like you got da plan, man!

We like casinos too, can play for hours on the penny and nickel machines. Have a good time :)

Kayli said...

Did I forget to tell you about I love that site. Just type in, for example, 'gluten free' and you'll get lots of great recipes.

ain't for city gals said...

Just catching up..sounds like things are going much better with your diet ..sometimes we just have to do what we have to do to help ourselves...have fun at the casino!

Konnie said...

Wow Kayli, just went to the site and did a gluten free search. Excellent tip you gave me. Thanks.