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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Is Not Forgotton

I have been reading over the last couple days in blogs, articles and even on Face book, the frustration of some,  that others seem either oblivious or uncaring about what the people of Japan are going through.  Talking about mundane, everyday things like the weather, gas prices and so on.  I have been thinking this over for the last day or so.  I, in the past, have blogged when a natural disaster has occurred.  I talked about my thoughts, horror, and prayers.  But this is the first time since Friday, that I have mentioned the earthquake, tsunami, and the apparent nuclear disaster in Japan on my blog.  Why have I waited till now.  Why did I not talk about the tsunami, small that it was, here in Oregon?  I guess it comes down to processing and compartmentalizing. 

I must say I am having difficulty processing and fully understanding this tragedy.  It is of biblical proportions.  I watched all weekend, the video of the tsunami hitting, earthquake damage, terror on faces.  I have had losses and hurts in my life, but for the life of me, I can not imagine what these poor people are feeling.  I don't think a word has been invented to encompass the magnitude. 

Then there is compartmentalizing.  This is what I think most people are doing right now.  This is why people still make their complaints of small issues, and go about their day normally.  I think when I was younger, I might have felt frustrated and judgemental that people must not care because of life going on as usual.  I don't believe that anymore.  And haven't in years.  I, through maturity and experience, know we must have empathy, we must give, donate, and mostly pray.  But I also know we must continue on. 

I remember September 11, 2001 like it was yesterday.  The first plane hit the tower when I was getting ready for work.  I did not want to leave home, but I did.  I got to the office and learned of the second tower being hit.  At the office, they set up a TV in a room with chairs, so people could pop in for updates.  For an hour, I did so.  But I had 3 different schools who were expecting my help.  So I left the office and did my job.  My job was to teach special needs children and train the adults who were their teachers.  All the adults in the classroom knew full well what was happening in our great country and that things would never be the same.  But we conducted ourselves as if nothing happened the best we could.  Smiled like usual, showed patience like usual.  The last thing children, who had no way to understand and process the tragedy needed, was the burden of fear.  And fear is all they would have felt without the benefit of understanding the context.  I compartmentalized and carried on as normal.  I had to.  And I think that is basically what people are now doing.  I believe most people care tremendously about the people in Japan and when I see life looking like it is just continuing on as normal, I choose not to judge.  Most people's hearts are good, caring and horrified about what their fellow world citizens are going through.  But we humans are good at compartmentalizing.  We can donate, pray, and think often of those who are suffering, but we must continue on.

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