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Monday, March 14, 2011

Real Food Challenge, Bumps here and there

I think basically, I have been doing well on the Real Food Challenge.  The most challenging part of it is coordinating it with my new involuntary challenge, No Gluten!  I can make most things from scratch, but I don't know the first thing about making things from scratch while avoiding gluten.  Last night I did eat something totally not in my real food challenge perimeters.  My mom went out of her way and bought a boxed gluten free brownie mix and made it.  So after she was nice enough to go to so much trouble, who am I not to try it?  And it was Good.  Thanks Mom.

This weekend, I did make a dish I use to make years ago but had forgotten about it.  The original recipe is from the Prism Cookbook.  But I usually only use recipes as ideas, so my dish is quite different.

It is a Rice crust pizza. The crust is made with cooked rice, cheese and egg.

I then used my home canned spaghetti sauce, sauteed onions and mushrooms and a little more cheese.  That is about it and it was good.  I am still craving real pizza, but a girl can't have everything.  Especially a no gluten girl:)


Anonymous said...

Konnie I must say your no gluten pizza looks very tasty... And you know how much i loved, and still do love Elvis..... but Welcome to my world is Eddy Arnolds song, check it out......Karen

Konnie said...

Yes I know, but his version was too long for my post. Did you really think I did not know who did the best version. Geesh, I am still Arties daughter you know:)