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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rawhide Down

Thirty years ago this week, President Reagan was shot.  Others were too.  Like when President Kennedy was killed, political parties, points of view about the President did not matter.  We are all Americans and they are Presidents of us all, and we mourn, worry, and pray all alike.
 If you go to the website down below and look at the picture, I really just wanted to point out the man on the right of Reagan.  His name is Jerry Parr.  He sacrificed his safety, had a quick body and even quicker mind.  He is an American Hero.  There are people around all of us doing heroic things everyday.  But even a man who did something that shaped the future from that point on, someone who has been seen hundreds of times by people watching the assassination attempt video, people do not know his name.  Great heroes almost always go unsung.  Just wanted to point out an American hero and say thank you for his bravery. 

Here is a new article you can check out.   Rawhide

I also try to never forget, no matter how I feel about Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, I appreciate, and am amazed at all the American heroes daily serving our country.  My nephew, Godson, Johnny included.

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angela said...

Wow 30 years, well thats gone quick. I agree no matter how you feel about a particular war, those sent to fight are heroes and deserve our respect and gratitude.