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Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 13, 2011

Had a good weekend.  Stayed home for the most part.  LL did a few things on my Honey Do list.  I ate very carefully so I had no major "issues".  I did get a craving for something sweeter than fruit, so I made a flourless chocolate cake that turned out really good.  I liked the recipe because there was no weird ingredient.  I was able to go into my cupboard and just put it together.  Found a gluten free vanilla ice cream at the store to put a little on top.  Glad Bailey and LL like the cake also, because far too big for me to eat before it goes bad.
This week..............

Today, Monday, washing all the sheets on beds and getting a little done around here.  Then I have another meeting in Salem for Kathy at 3:00.

Wednesday, I might be going with my mom for an appointment. 

The rest of the week, I will be at the mercy of the weather.  Really wanting to get some stuff done outside.  Even if it rains, I will be doing a bit in the greenhouse. 

I am finding it easier to cook and bake gluten free, but because it all is still so new, it takes a lot more planning and researching every ingredient to make sure there is nothing hidden.  So every soup, stir fry, casserole, dish, I carefully prepare.  But so worth the effort. 

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Joycee said...

Our daughter and her family are eating a gluten free diet after years of having health issues and she is singing it's praises! I need to read and find some great recipes to use when they come visit. Enjoyed my visit at your blog this morning!