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Monday, March 28, 2011

Take A Bite Out Of Life

I have three beautiful kids.  All with very unique personalities that at times frustrates me.  But for the most part, LL and did a good job raising kids that think for themselves.  Even Max with his challenges. 

LL usually says Bailey is just like my sister Kris and his mother Joan.  Bailey is extremely social.  Has never met a stranger and never forgets a face or name.  Sometimes LL says she is just like me.  Usually when she is stubborn, which is most the time.  I think she is a lot like her dad, LL.  She doesn't let an opportunity go by to experience life and be with friends.  She works a lot of hours and has classes that takes up quite a bit of time.  But on a day, like today, when she doesn't have to work or have class, she gets on the phone, finds out which of her friends are available and organizes something fun.  She is on the way to Portland with three other friends to go to the zoo.  Packed her lunch, waited for her boyfriend Rett to pick her up, and away she went.  She doesn't wait for life to come to her, she just takes a bite out of life any chance she gets.

Then there is Kane.  I will admit here, he is more like me than Bailey.  He has a lot of friends, but is content with quiet times.  Doesn't constantly seek social situations.  But he is like his dad in a lot of ways.  This past week, Kane was on a mini tour with his band.  He organized the shows in Washington, where they will stay, etc.  While on tour, he found out that one of the shows at the last minute cancelled.  Well, if it was me, I would have just said "oh well", and did something else with that evening.  He got on his nifty phone with Internet, found a quirky coffee shop looking for bands, sent them a sample of their music, and the coffee shop said come on over and play.  Like his dad, he does not wait for something to fall into place, but makes it happen.  Kane just takes a bite out of life in his own way.

Then there is Max.  As you know, Max has a lot of interests but can only focus on one at a time.  My trait lately.  But he is into writing poetry.  He found out that later this week, at a place in Silverton, they have Open Mike Poetry Reading evening.  So he is on a mission to write a poem to share. (with our approving it).  Can you imagine, a young man with autism, willing to get up and read his own poetry.  This is again traits from dad. 

The other day, a blog I read had a personality test to take.  I took it.  It nailed me.  Wont go into details but the traits it said I had were right on.  But outgoing go getter was not one of them.  Must say here I share the same personality as Mother Teresa.  OK she just did more with it.  But still, my personality isn't a bad one.  Lots of positives.  But making things happen is not one of them.  Glad my kids have a good dose of their dad in them.

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