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Monday, March 28, 2011


Having to unload here.  Got off the phone with someone on Kathy's team.  She is frustrated from a conversation from another person on the team and present at the last meeting.  Them not understanding, confused about their assignment and what they need to do.  The person that called me asked my point of view to see if she was unclear.  She was not.  So I am not sure what we will find at this next meeting today.  Granted, I have experience, old experience, but experience.  And know the difference between Behavior Support Plan, and data collecting for behaviors and support.  But some who I thought should know, did not, I guess.  So much of today's meeting might have to go to explaining the difference.  My frustration is that time is wasted.  There is little time left.  And though these mistakes happen, my patience is waning and I am feeling like my hands are tied.

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