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Monday, March 28, 2011

Peace and no stress

Peace and no stress.  What a beautiful concept.  I have been thinking, since I don't work outside the home and try to make day to day life stress free.  I was doing pretty good.  But here is how my morning has gone.

Max went to the bank and called me.  "Orelia and I need to shop for groceries and not much in the account".  Dang!  Forgot to transfer funds......"Get right on that honey". 

Went down stairs and because the chickens were out yesterday, and the dogs were not outside as much, found a couple accidents.  Like to say it was Rufus.  But it was Beau. 

Got a call from County about Kathy and I talked about it on previous post.  But she asked for questions the lawyer e-mailed me.  Couldn't find them, called had the attorney ree-mail me.  Tried to print them to take to meeting, and the printer does not work.  Transcribed them in my handwriting but halfway through decided this was going to take ages and tried printing again.  Yes!  It printed.

By this time, my stomach is turning, "Yes doctor, I understand stress and what it does to my bowels"  and finding myself having "issues".  I know it is definitely not what I ate, so it is the stress factor.  Looking at my morning, I know it could be so much worse.  But feeling what this little bit does to my body........GEESH!

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