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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Scooting Along

A very rainy morning here in Silverton, Oregon.  Kathy's meeting was fruitful.  Not really in a positive way, but Kris and I gave permission for the County to do a call out across the state for any provider.  To see if any provider thinks they can provide a program to meet all of Kathy's needs.  The thinking is that none of them will be able to, which would give the State clarity in what they are asking of the current provider.  We will see if we get a bite. 

I have no appointments or any have to's for the day.  But I do have things I want to get done.  I need to run many errands.  Even with the rain, I would like to take the scooter to run the errands, but since one errand is to pick up dog food and another errand to get seed soil, the scooter would be a bad choice.  Perhaps I will do those errands, and later take the scooter out for the rest.

One reason we decided to finally replace our old scooter is that most my running around is done here in town and getting 100 miles per gallon makes the scooter pay for itself if used often and wisely.  So I need to start riding it rain or shine when not needing the trunk of my car.

I have a friend who rides her scooter year round, rain or shine, to work, errands etc.  She has done this for years.  And like me, she has fun on it.

Over the last couple weeks, I have not made any progress on spring cleaning.  I'm am just trying to maintain the rooms I have already completed.  But the middle bedroom, which is the guest room is a disaster.  It has had a futon in it.  LL told me last night that a friend is giving us a bed for this room, so, soon, I will be cleaning it and hopefully setting it up nicely in case we get visitors.  We have a couple friends in Seattle I would love to have visit, and it would be nice to have something set up just in case if someone is needing a place for a while.

I really have a yearning to get out on my scooter and take Baby to the Gardens to photograph the blossoms on trees.  From the look at today's weather, that is not going to happen, but if things clear up, I want my errands done so I can drop what I am doing and head up the hill to the Oregon Gardens.  Haven't seen my mom in a couple days and want to get over to Mt. Angel to see how she is doing.  So I guess I need to quit rambling on and on in this post and get moving.  Have a great day.

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