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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Caregiving Is On My List

Remember earlier this week, I had no real plans beyond a couple appointments.  Well, even for a hermit like me, things can change quickly.  Earlier this week I posted about my personality traits, and one of the positive ones is being a caregiver.  Yes, I know I really am not like Mother Teresa, but I do try to channel her.  Well this is why I think God keeps me around............

I haven't been home long enough to blog.  My brother, on Tuesday, went to the doctor because of some problems.  Won't go into too much details, but he had to have a procedure that is on-going for the next few days which cause him more than a little pain.  He is staying at my mom's, so I have been staying there for the most part, taking care of him.  Mom can take care of much of his needs at times, but having her up at night, every one or two hours, is not good for her.  So I have been staying over at her house.  For family members who might be concerned.  David's situation is probably not very serious, we will no more tomorrow, but just very uncomfortable. 

I am home now for the morning.  Writing this quick post, taking care of chickens, showering, and hopefully, putting in some lettuce seeds in the greenhouse.  Then I am off to the store to pick up somethings for my brother and will be back at mom's so she can go bowling.

Tomorrow, I hope Mom let's  me drive her to get her hair done, and then get back in time to take my brother to the doctor, where we hope we have test results and some answers.  Times like this, I am very thankful for Max's staff who do a good job taking care of his needs so I do not have to worry.

Don't know if I will blog tomorrow.  I think I can blog at my mom's house, but not sure I would know what to blog about.  Don't think David would want me to take pictures of him at this time:)

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angela said...

You are such a good daughter and sister. I hope all is ok with your brother, remember to look after yourself too.