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Friday, April 1, 2011

Seed, Starters, Chooks, Oh My

Yesterday, I ended up taking my brother to the doctor because of pain and sickness.  Afterwards, he improved throughout the afternoon and evening so I slept at home last night.  Feeling rested and ready for what ever the days holds.  I do need to get moving.  I need to do Max's banking, get over to Mom's house and help David get ready for doctor appointment.  Take him to appointment and hope today is a turning point for David and that he will be feeling much better.

When I was home yesterday, I put in a couple types of lettuce and spinach.  Normally use nice little starter trays, but I didn't have a lot of time and remembered last year, Aunt Leone spilled lettuce seeds, scooped them up, threw them in a tray, covered with soil and forgot about them.  She gave me that tray of lettuce and they did much better than the lettuce starters I bought from the store.  So I basically did the same.  Did a tray of Butter crunch, a tray of mixed bowl, and a tray of spinach

My strawberry plants are doing really well and want to get them in the ground this weekend if I can.

My girls coop is sure muddy and they want out, but I haven't let them free range all week because I like to be home.  So after David's appointment, if he is doing well, I will be home for the afternoon and let the girls out.  Hope to blog again later today.

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