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Monday, March 7, 2011

Real Food Challenge---Mayo

I am taking the Real Food Challenge very serious.  Because of it, and my elimination diet, I have been eating my fill of Rice, safe veggies, (staying away from broccoli and cauliflower for a while), Quinoa, Salmon, Tilapia, etc.... But I am missing condiments.  I love dipping my food in something yummy.  Since I am eating a lot of fish, and am missing tartar sauce, I was thinking that some tasty tartar sauce would be nice.  But with homemade tartar sauce, you have to begin with Mayo.  Well jarred Mayo is lots of ingredients and processed.  So, I remembered my time in Spain that I had yummy garlicky aioli.  Which is a garlic infused mayo.  So, I got out my trusty cookbooks, of course I did not follow exactly........When do I ever?? But came up with the best Mayo EVER!  Next time I make it, I will make it without so much garlic so LL can enjoy it too.  He only can stand a touch of garlic.  Me, when it comes to garlic...........Bring it on!

Here is the ingredients.  One whole egg, and one egg white.  You put them in the blender and let it wurl.  While it is frothing and thickening add a generous pinch of sea salt.  You can use any salt, but because of my health, I use only sea salt.  When that starts to froth and thicken, (just a minute or so), start pouring in your 1 cup of extra virgin olive oil out of the hole of your lid while the blender is still running.  Just a thin stream and only about a third of it.  While still running add the juice of a half of a lemon, then slowly add the rest of the evoo.  When the mayo is getting really thick, if you want garlic, AND WHO DOESN"T, add 1 to 3 minced or grated like I did and process for a few seconds.(When making it for LL, I will grate just a half a garlic).  You end up with tasty homemade mayo.
Remember, homemade mayo is like the old fashion kind and can not be left out especially if mixed in salads, at a warm temperature.  I ate it last night with my rice, salad and salmon.  My salmon never tasted so good.

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