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Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 12, 2011

I had a nice and uneventful weekend.  Bailey is in California.  The wedding she went to in San Diego was beautiful on Saturday and the day of fun at Disney Land on Sunday was a drenching affair.  Last time she went with my Mom and my siblings, it rained.  So I think Bailey is bad luck for the weather in Anaheim.  She comes home later this evening.  LL will be picking her and others up.  LL and I spent a little time this weekend on scooters, he went to the dump, I did gardening.  I got my raised beds turned and aged steer manure put on.  I have a busy (at least for me) week ahead.

Monday-LL is home so more work around here, we will take Mom to her eye doctor appointment later in the day.  I also need to fill out and fax some forms that Kathy's new lawyer has asked me to do.  She is requesting a court hearing on Kathy's behalf.  Please pray about this for Kathy's sake.

Tuesday-I have a doctor appointment with my cancer surgeon.  This includes a very invasive examination.  So I need to not eat dinner the night before, no breakfast on Tuesday, and yes, two enemas.

Wednesday-If "digestion" allows, I am taking Mom to the eye doctor for a procedure first thing in the morning.  Bailey is my back-up for this in case I can't take Mom.

Thursday-I have a meeting for my sister Kathy at 1:00.  This will require no eating for breakfast or lunch.  Too important to miss because of "issues"

Friday-This is my only open day and I am sure I will have a lot to do.

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angela said...

what a busy life you have. I hope all goes well for you and all your family.
Cyber hugs to you all