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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No "P" For Me Today

I wont use the name because last time I did, I got majorly spammed.  But I think I will try to go through my exam today without my pain medicine.

Today, I go to my cancer surgeon so he can check "things" out.  He used a scope with a light that is inserted in me.  Normally, after not eating and doing a couple enemas, I then take a pill before leaving my house, (someone else drives) and as soon as I get to Portland, I take another so I can tolerate the exam. 

LL was going to take me to this appointment but had an important event that is happening at work at the same time.  He left the decision up to me.  If it was a meeting he could miss or reschedule, I would have wanted him to go with me.  But someone he admires who has worked for LL is retiring and his send off celebration is at this time.  I think LL needs to be there so I am going solo. 

I think I can do this without meds. and am getting tired of LL needing to take hours off for each of my appointments.  He doesn't seem to mind but I do.  After this appointment, I might be singing a different tune.  But for now, I will give it a go.  So I need to get moving right now to bathe and start my cleaning out process.  I hope and pray I get good news from the doctor.  Have a great day.

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angela said...

I hope and pray you do too. Good luck my thoughts are with you.