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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Don't Freak Out?

Well when a doctor's first words to you is "don't freak out", your first instinct is to freak out.  Not bad news today, just not great.  One cancer marker is elevated but slightly, so instead of waiting 3 more months for my blood to be tested and my full c-scan to be done, he wants them done in the next 6 weeks.  So I am choosing to stay positive and pray a lot.  He also reminded me that stress is my biggest enemy.  My daily life is anything but stressful, but dealing with Kathy's issues and a couple other things, I am a bit more wound up than usual.  He reminded me that I should be meditating and doing some yoga.  Ok, Ok!  so I will start that but pushing me to do so is kinda stressing me out!  Just joking:)


Kayli said...

What? He didn't commend you on your new gluten-free diet? Take away his lab coat! Quickly!!

Seems to me that the stress of 'bad' diet would surely aggravate those pesky markers, so de-stressing the diet, adding a bit of exercise like walking the dog or yoga, and some meditation should surely help. I know that going for a walk with my camera for company, or spending time fiddling without an audience, is good for me.

Hope your next tests are all GOOD!

Konnie said...

Kayli, I like the way you think. He did say he liked my weight gain. I said "Are you Nuts!!" He said "no, it is a good sign." I do love my doctor:)