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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So Honey, Who Am I Really Like?

My husband and brother-in-law adore my Aunt Leone.  You remember her, she is my enabler.  In fact, LL and Steve call her the perfect woman.  Why do they think this about her?  Because while driving her to Reno, she can go forever without shopping, food and going to the bathroom.  Put her in the back seat on the way to a casino, and she will fall asleep and wake up only when she senses a casino in the vicinity.  LL and Steve's wives, Kris and I will want to stop at any shiny place with food, baubles and bathroom. 

LL from time to time will say, "you are just like your Aunt Leone."  It is not because of the traits up above that he says this.  It is because I have no qualms putting my fingers up a chicken's behind.  Still don't understand why that is weird:) I choose to think I am like my Aunt Leone because she is who she is.  She is one of the most comfortable person in her own skin.  Frankly, I think she is delightful.  Yes, I choose to think that.

LL from time to time will say "you are just like your dad".  I think it is when I am at my quirkiest and saying things that make total since to me, but will be botching the English language terribly.  I choose to think I am like my dad because I will choose to have empathy for the less fortunate and am quick to give hugs.  Yes, I choose to think that.

LL from time to time will say "you are just like your mom".   It usually is when I am seen in his eyes as stubborn. (Mom, you know Allen loves you more than his luggage).  Steel Magnolia quote.   I choose to think it is when I am showing strength.  After all, she is the strongest woman I know.  Yes, I choose to think that. 

But I know I am not as strong as my mom, as loving as my dad, and not as comfortable in my uniqueness as my Aunt Leone. 

But this evening, while feeling a little down, I am just like my Mom.  What has my Mom done ever since I can remember to get through things?...........She goes outside and is useful.

My Aunt Leone is not just my enabler and supplier of chickens.  She also supplies me with garden plants.  A couple weeks ago, she gave my mom a whole bunch of strawberry plant starters for me.  My mom has kept them alive but I need to do something with them.  I did turn my raised garden beds, added compost and aged manure, but it is too wet to till it and plant the strawberry plants. 

But I decided to take the starters off my mom's hands and put them in small pots until I have a few consecutive dry days to till up my garden.  I am not sure where I am putting them yet.  Hate to take up space in the raised beds, but LL has promised to build 2 more beds this year for me.  OK, he actually said one, but I think he meant two.  (See why he prefers Aunt Leone over me). :)
So, like my mom, I went out in this rare beautiful weather this evening, spend time with my chickens,(my sweet Henrietta actually came in the greenhouse and stood next to me while I planted)  I transferred my plants, and hope they will hold off long enough for the weather to cooperate and for me to figure out where I will put them.

I feel so much better now:)

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angela said...

Glad you are feeling better, please dont panic until you get all the facts. You may only have a virus. I know its hard but try to stay positive.
cyber hugs to you.