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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Rough.  After my doctor's appointment, I had a light dinner on Tuesday and went outside to work a bit, I was feeling pretty good.  But by bedtime, things went bad and I was up most the night with "issues".  Luckily, Kris ended up taking Mom to her eye appointment Wednesday morning.  I was thinking the soup I ate was safe so it must of been a fall out from the doctor's exam.  So silly me, I ate left over soup for lunch yesterday.  About an hour later, my day was done and had problems until I fell asleep around 8:00 last night.  Need to figure out what ingredient in the soup is not good for me.  These bouts exhaust me.  I slept for 10 hrs, which is very rare for me.

I am feeling better now, but I will not eat anything until after Kathy's meeting, which is in Salem at 1:00.  While in bed yesterday afternoon, I had a long phone talk with Kathy's lawyer.  The system is set up so that we have very few options.  The department that the Attorney is trying to get the court hearing to fight, is the same department you have to go through to OK the hearing.  Does that sound fair to you?  Although the lawyer has several ideas and will try them, she also said the one size fits all cuts that are being implemented does not take into account very complex people like Kathy, so no one in the whole State has been successful yet in challenging the process.  I asked what do we do when Kathy deteriorates, or gets hurt (or someone else).  She said that's when we will have a better case.  Well that is not very comforting, is it?

I am not expecting too much to come out of today's meeting.  This meeting is for everyone to update each other where we are at.  Monday is another meeting and I expect more definite decisions will then need to be made.

If it stops raining soon, I will be heading outside to work for a couple hours to clear my head.  I think that is my form of meditation.  Then, since I wont be eating lunch, I will come in just in time to bathe and get to the meeting.  Kris needs to work today but will be at Monday's meeting.  I think Karen is taking a couple of hours off of work to go to today's meeting with me.  Have a great day.


angela said...

so busy, dont forget to take care of yourself too.
I dont know how you do it, your an inspiration to us all.

Lynda said...

I hope all went well today, your issues, the meeting... I hope you are able to release the stress of all that is going on. Even if it is done out of love it is still stressful and can affect your "issues". I'm sending you positive and loving energy.

Konnie said...

Thank you Angela and Lynda. I really am not a busy girl. If I compare my life to precancer, and especially when I worked full time, I lead a life of luxury. But my fuzzy brain and issues do make the little bit I do need to do, take up most of my day. Thanks for your encouragement.