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Sunday, April 10, 2011


Anticipation.  I tend to lose sleep from pain or worry.  More worry lately than pain.  But I must say, I am very awake and unlikely will be going back to sleep because of something rare.  I am too excited to sleep.

I know, who loses sleep from being excited?.......Well, kids do, and I guess I am a big kid.  Why am I excited.  Well I don't want to get into too many  boring details on this post, but it has to do with Marlin, the RV and a camping spot.  We have been on a long list for a year round camping spot and our name came up.  Today, LL and I go and pick out our spot.  We should have a few choices.  Once you have a spot, you can get on another list to upgrade to a better spot.  I am just counting our blessing that we are getting any spot.

We will still be taking Marlin other places, but this will be his home away from home.  Only 40 minutes away, so lots of weekends camping in the RV this year.  And you know how I love camping:)

So I have been awake since before 2:00 and now I am trying to decided whether to make coffee and just stay up.  It is much more fun losing sleep for a good thing, so I might as well enjoy the excitement, drink my coffee, and wait the remaining 8 hours until we pick out our spot.  Now you know why LL looks at me and just shakes his head most the time.  I really am a big kid:)

My new french press I received as a gift

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Kayli said...

O, that is such good news! I'm so happy for you :) and hope you get to enjoy it for many, many years.