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Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 15, 2011

This week, again, at the mercy of the weather.  Plan on getting a lot done Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, inside, outside, and in Marlin.  So I will be busy no matter the weather, I just would rather be outside all week.

Thursday, I am having scans done.  This requires me to drink lots of barium, so I can pretty much plan on all of Thursday and half of Friday having digestion "issues".  Please pray that I have good results.

Depending on the weather this next weekend, LL and I have work to do at our new camping spot.  We could of picked out a spot that already had improvements, but that would be too easy for LL and I.  Yes sirree.  No, we chose our spot more for it's location.  It has neighbors on both sides but none in back and none in front.  It also gets a bit of afternoon sun, which is rare at this park. 
LL making plans

Because the previous occupants only kept the sight so they could use the river access, it is moss covered, small logs to move and some gravel to bring in.  If weather is good on Saturday, Kane said he will spend the day helping us so it will not take very long.  Some people have their whole lot graveled.  LL and I want ours a bit more natural than that so we will try to keep a good part of it covered with moss and ferns.

Me, freezing my A$& off
But look how lush our area is:)

The river area is really nice and I am looking forward to spending tons of time camping and at the river.

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