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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Midweek and Can Post

Our internet connection has been very sketchy the last couple days.  If I am lucky to get a connection, uploading pictures take forever.  But I have been lucky to get on today and hope LL has time to research and we can get a new wi-fi. 

A belated happy birthday to my sis, Karen, who's birthday was on the 22nd and my brother Doug who's birthday was yesterday. 

I spent the day yesterday cooking a turkey, freezing the meat and boiling the carcass for stock.  Trying to keep foods as clean as possible so I am no longer adding bullion cubes to flavor stock, but simmering the stock with added vegetables for hours to concentrate the flavors.  Also finding gluten in the most peculiar places.  A lot of turkeys are injected with stuff that include gluten.  So I bought a turkey that was fresh, with no msg and gluten free.  As usual, I over cooked it.  I don't make turkey often enough to get good at it, but that is about to change because eating lunch meat, even deli meat, does not work with my digestion.  So cooking a 11 or 12 pound bird every few weeks will be my plan.

Bad news for me.  Watching the weather predictions, I have been getting excited and prepared for a beautiful weekend at our camping spot.  Which I am naming MILLERS CROSSing.  Because our spot is on cross road.  But LL came home last night and said there is a good likely hood he will have to work on Saturday.  Grrrrrr.  I said "well that's too bad, Bye Bye!  I am still going"  But because of some work that has to be done on Marlin, me going without LL is not going to happen.   But boy, oh boy, when we get those couple things fixed and I learn how to turn on all the gas, well then Bye bye, will really mean Bye Bye!

I took Max to the doctor yesterday to look at a lump on his wrist.  It ended up needing to be drained.  Max handled having two long needles put in him very well.  He also found out he had lost weight since the last time he was in to see the doctor.  This made him happy, as he has been trying to eat less and exercise more.  Today, O. his staff, will be taking him to the salon so Aunt Karen can give him a mohawk.  He is so excited.  Me.......Not so much.  But it is not a tattoo or piercing so I am letting it go.

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Cottage Tails said...

way scary what is going into our food aye!

Look forward to seeing mohawk photo

Love Leanne