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Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 17, 2011

Had a nice Easter.  Not a lot to say about this week.  Again, at the mercy of the weather.  But the plan so far is............

Monday, LL has today off and if the weather is dry (wishing) yard work is in order.  My house should look like a home, but is more of a trash can.  So I will get it back in shape.

Tuesday, if "digestion" allows, I am going to see my sister Kathy.

Wednesday, Max is getting his hair cut.  His choice, and I am trying to just go with it.  A Mohawk. I am sure pictures will be following:)

Friday, my sister-in-law, Debby is on Price Is Right.  So if digestion allows, I am going to her house to watch the show.  Watch it if you can.  Debby has one of those personalities that is made for that show and it should be fun.

The weekend, well it is too soon to say because of the weather.  I think from now to Memorial Day weekend, if the weather looks great, on the weekends, we will go to the camping spot.  If the weather is rainy or showery, we will stay home and either work inside or outside between showers.

But, if you want to know what I really will be doing during my days if it is not raining..........
I will be sitting here,

Watching my boys,

And my girls,

My boys watching my girls.........Rufus is eyeing Harriet..........

And Harriet not caring......

Watching the lilacs starting to bloom,

Watching my strawberries growing,

Going into my green house to...........

Watch my snow peas.

My lettuce,

And praying for my spinach

How could anyone be as busy as that:)  Sitting and watching nature happen:) :) :)


Kayli said...

Your plants are looking great! We're going to the casino; we are penny-players so maybe we'll win lots without spending much. Sure wish the weather was better for you!

Konnie said...

Penny player is what I am too. I hope you had fun