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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blowfish and Meat Loaf

When I had my first surgery for cancer, my first surgeon, who was not a cancer specialist advised me to stay as thin as possible for further early detection because I carry my weight in the middle.  Not by choice, but I did lose weight, got really thin and felt weak.  After all my surgeries, radiation and chemo, reversals of ostomies and lots of intestines cut out, I started gaining.......and gaining.  Was not eating much more, but it did not make a difference.  Fast forward to my last appointment with my Cancer surgeon.  He kept saying how good I looked.  I finally said, "are you kidding, I have gained so much weight".  He said I scared him how thin I got and that the closer I am to my precancer weight, the better.  Well, I wanted to tell him "If you wanted me to look like a BLOW FISH, why didn't you say so".  Actually, I told him what the other surgeon said and Doctor L., who specializes in cancer said, "No, with my type of cancer and treatment, it is best to have reserves, because the surgeries and treatments are too hard on the body".  And he said in my case especially, with my history, I tend to drop weight too fast and need the reserve.  So if I have a recurrance, I will be able to handle what lies ahead.  So my pride has to be set aside, but really do need to stop gaining and just maintain where I am at.

Me and Beau

But enough about me.  This story is about my Beau.  When I got him, his past owner said he tends to gain weight.  I was mindful of that and he maintained for quite some time.  But over the last few months, as I have gained, my sweet Beau has gained big time.  My sister Kris mentioned it a few weeks ago.  I got a little defensive.  She could of said, "Konnie, you are getting fat", I wouldn't have liked it but I would have taken it better than her saying what she said, "Konnie, Beau is getting fat".  Fat? FAT?  Not my baby.  Well, Bailey had been saying for a while that Beau was a cute fatty.  Still, I do not want to hear anything bad about my baby.  Although I have noticed it.  And I know it is not healthy for him.

Friday night, LL, Beau and I watched Seabiscuit.  Can you imagine I have never watched it?  So as the end was coming and Seabiscuit was winning the race, I cuddled up to my beau and said, "Oh Beau, that is just like you, you are my own Thorough bred".  LL looked over at us and said, "he is not a Thorough bred, he is a Loaf of Bread".  Ha Ha, it was funny at the time, but then we came home and LL relayed the story to Kane.  And of course Kane had to add to it.  "Beau is not a Loaf of Bread.........He is a Meat Loaf."  Curse them all!!! 

Blow fish and Meat loaf:(

Well I must say, Beau and I took three long walks at the camping park, and this afternoon, we took another long walk.  But lay off my little doggy.  Call me pudgy but my Beau is perfect.  Just a little MORE perfect than usual.

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