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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter and Happy Birthday to my cousin Harry!

LL and I started an early weekend.  We got over to our camping spot around 11:00 on Friday and LL went straight to work.   R. the owner was true to his word and spread gravel on our driveway and left a pile for LL to spread.

LL then started in on the second tent site.

After he got done with his work.  No, I was not lazy while he was doing this.  Just not interesting.  We decided to go for a walk to find the closest access to the river.

We were very happy to find it was not that far.

I forgot to take pictures of the site after our efforts were done.  But LL got the driveway graveled.  The campsite cleared.  Rocks bordering.  Pavers for a landing outside of Marlins door.  and lots of other little things.

We got home around 3:00 on Saturday afternoon to get cleaned up and ready for Easter.
We went to Kris's house this morning and had a wonderful breakfast.
Well they don't look happy, but they were!
Kris is always the best hostess.  I know for a fact, even a simple breakfast takes work and she is always relaxed and welcoming

Kris and Steve

Karen and John

We had eggs, bacon, ham, toast, fruit, french toast, maple bars, champagne, juice and coffee.  What more do you need?
Kane after having plenty to eat.

Max had a good time cuz he had his maple bars and chocolate milk.

I frankly don't know why LL was so goofy.  Guess it is just in his DNA.

After we left Kris's, LL, Kane and Rett decided to have fun Jamming.  Three very talented men.  LL on lead guitar, Rett on Bass, and Kane on drums, and they all three play all of those instruments and more.  They could of done a round robin game on instruments.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the shout out, I truly hope you had a blessed easter with family and friends as my birthday weekend was full of both


Konnie said...

Glad you had a good birthday. I always remember your birthday because it is right in the middle of Karen's and Doug's.