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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Chicken Rebellion

Oh I am so going to get this story wrong.  I can only tell it like I understand it.  Remember last weekend.  Max, LL and I stayed Saturday night at our campsite.  Well, Kane, who lives in Salem, is always kind enough to stay at our place when we are gone.  Especially when there is a Blazer game on our t.v.  Anyway, he goes out to put the girls, the hens to bed.  This just means making sure they are roosting and closing up the traps.  Well he checks on them and sees only one chicken.  Two are missing.  He looks all around their usual haunting places.  No, not there.  He looks every where he can think.  I do not know how he even thought about looking where he did.  But guess where he found them.  Guess.  GUESS!!  Underneath Max's house. 

First off, it is a miracle he found them at all.  But how did they get there?  They have never escaped.  Well, it comes down to the fact that I have not clipped their feathers in a while.  OK, My bad. 

But then he had to call Bailey and I am sure the conversation went like this..........(I am using my imagination)

"Bailey, where are you?"
"Oh Rett and I are in Salem?"
"Well get your butt over here because I need your help".
"Why, what's up" (I am sure she said it just like that).
"Mom's Damn birds are out"
"So why is that my problem.  (Bailey, quit the sarcasm)
"I am too F ing big to get to them so you need to do it"  (Kane, Your Language!)  Sorry Mom.
"Oh Mom is going to kill us"
"I know! so get your A$# over here now!!

This conversation is really in my imagination, but I know my kids and I am sure it is accurate.

I still don't know which one of the two actually got the chickens back in their coop.  But I know which two birds flew the coop.  It had to be Harriet and Hannah.  Henrietta is just not that smart.


HarlequinnAnn said...

Kane told me this story. The thought of him searching under a house, for chickens, has given me the giggles.
Silly birds. :)

Kayli said...

What a great story! It's one, I'm sure, will live long in the legends of chicken-hood...cluck, cluck, hurrah!