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Monday, April 4, 2011

Week 14, 2011

What a nice weekend we had.  For the most part the weather was great.  A bit cold but sunny with only a couple showers on Saturday.  I put laundry out on the line, planted seeds for snow peas and basil, sowed some old seeds of wildflowers in a bed that nothing really grows well in so might as well try that.  LL put new swivel seats on our little fishing boat.  (I can almost taste the trout).  A little yard work, a little cooking.  And we took the scooters out for a ride and drove by Kayli from Sitka's new home to see if they have arrived.  I don't think they have.  Kayli blogged and they did arrive safely on Friday and are having fun exploring the area.  We were not going to stop anyway, don't think she needs me knocking on her door for the first couple weeks of such a big move.  The guys went to Kris's to watch the Blazer game while Kris, Mom and I at mom's, watched Mildred Pierce. 

Monday, Yes!  It is that time again.  Beau gets groomed and you will have to suffer with new pictures of him and a new bow or maybe he will get a bandanna this time.  It is what I live for:)

Tuesday, Mom is having a procedure on her eyes.  I think my brother is taking her but I want to be at her house when she gets home in case she needs help.

The rest of the week, I hate to even speculate.  My slow week last week, ended up busy helping David. 

I am not sure what the weather holds.  I really should get things done in the house but frankly, my health and mood feels so much better if I am outside.  We will see.  Have a great week.

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Kayli said...

We are here! Just getting ourselves organized. Thank you for the comments, have done as you asked.

mmm, where did the sun go? Hubby says he's taking rainpants along in case it rains later.

Ok, now off to the p.o. to officially get an address, then to the city...busy morning.

Have a wonderful day!