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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Blog Hop

I haven't blog hopped in quite a while.  Since I am still sick today, in fact, I think I am a bit worse, I am just sitting on the recliner, curled up with blankets and hot coffee.  And now I am about to blog surf.  I have done this several times on my blog, but have not done this in months.  This is what I do.  I go on a blog I already follow, pick a blog they follow, go there and pick another they follow.  So it is a way for me to discover other bloggers that I might never find on my own.  If I think it is interesting.  I will link it below.  So here I go

Farmama  Click here  This looks like an interesting blog from a woman who is an organic farmer who sells at a farmers market. This next one is a quirky cute looking blog from someone in New York, The goat borrower.  And then a couple clicks for that blog, I found On the way to Critter Farm which is a blog from a gal here in Oregon.  Very cute pictures on this blog.

This one I purposefully looked up, as it has been featured in the Statesman recently.  Desperately Seeking Salem  I am going to start to follow this blog.  I like reading about local places and people.

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