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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yikes, I Feel Bad

Having had a nice Mother's Day Sunday, especially spending time with all three kids, I am having to pay a price I did not expect.  Kane came over on Sunday with a lousy cold.  Yesterday, LL came home early from work with a lousy cold.  I, last night started feeling bad and this morning I am dealing with a lousy cold.  I mean a really bad one that has already headed down to my chest.  After coming home yesterday, LL went straight to bed and drank tons of liquids.  He felt a bit better today and went to work.  So as he was leaving, he said, "Sleep and drink lots of water".  Yes Sir!  So today I am doing nothing but sleep, read, drink, and feel miserable.  Truely one of the hardest hitting colds I have ever had.

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