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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trade Is Made

I was far from my Grandpa's favorite grandchild.  My sister Karen would play accordion for some of the dances my grandparents went to.  She was pretty close to them.  My brothers, being boys and my grandpa, being a farmer, well there is a bond that just happens naturally.  But when it came to my sister Kris and I, I guess we were just silly girls in his mind.  I remember the only compliment I ever got from my grandpa was when he had brought boxes of fruit to my mom, I unloaded all the boxes and he said, "She's got a strong back, not much on brains, but a strong back."  As far as a compliment from my grandpa, that was as good as I was going to get.  But I and Kris did something great as far as my grandpa was concerned.  He loved the men we married.  Grandpa bonded with my brother-in-law about baseball and sports, and he bonded with LL about cars.

I mentioned in the previous post about my grandpa thinking LL's had a great ability to deal in cars.  This reminds me of a story years and years ago.  Once in a while, when my Grandpa Purdy was alive, we would have him over for dinner.  One time, while living in Woodburn, LL, I and my two small boys, went to Grandpa's house to pick him up and take him to our house for dinner.  LL had just bought a station wagon, I think it was an Oldsmobile.  Grandpa comes out of his house and before getting into the car, had to take a look over.  Of course LL opened the front to show the engine for Grandpa to inspect.  After a while, we got into the car for the 20 minute car ride to our house.  Grandpa had to have the details of the sale.  LL told him how much he sold our previous car, then how he wheeled and dealed for the wagon.  Oh, Grandpa was so proud, kept saying "You sure know your cars", etc, etc.  Oh they were so happy with each other, my Grandpa and LL.  It's how they bonded.  While they congratulated each other and LL taking a corner in the road, with me and the kids in the back seat, the little air window in the back, flew off and crashed to the ground on the road.  Grandpa asked, "what was that sound?"  LL looked at me from the rear mirror, and me not wanting to ruin my Grandpa's image of my husbands great talent, just said, "Oh it was nothing Grandpa."  and we left the window on the side of the road.
So on that note, LL picked up our truck he traded our Van for.  We went for a drive and I think I can manage it if he takes out the high tool box in back.  I am a short girl and can not see the back with the box in it.

So, I hope it was a good trade.  I think it is, and I am sure my grandpa is looking on thinking, "Geesh, he did it again, that boy knows his cars".

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