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Monday, May 9, 2011

Week 19, 2011

My Grandpa Purdy was always amazed how my hubby, LL, was always able to make a great car deal.  That was a trait my grandpa appreciated.  Well, LL still can make a great deal.  And with the existance of Craigs list, it just has gotten easier.  LL and I have decided to sell our van.

It has served us well, but since the kids are now grown, well we really don't need it.  I was thinking of getting a good on gas second car, but as I don't drive around much and I have my scooter, we decided maybe a mid size pickup would be a better choice because we are often scrambling around trying to borrow some body's.  So on Craig's List our van was posted, and with in minutes we had calls coming in.  LL was upfront about what work it needed and he had himself started shopping for a truck.  Well by the end of the day, he found someone needing a van for his ailing wife, and had a truck to trade.  They made a deal, but the man did not have the title and LL said he didn't want to make the trade without having the title.  So maybe today, or tomorrow, we will make the trade.  I guess that means I will be driving a truck around to pick up my chicken feed and dog food. 

Monday, today I am needing to clean my chickens nests.  Bailey does not have class and goes to work later, Kris is off today too, so I hope I do something with one or both of them.  I am holding off eating till I know the plan.

Tuesday, I am going to get some stuff done outside since it will probably rain the rest of the week.

Wednesday, I might be spending the afternoon with brother David.  Not sure on that. 

Thursday, I have a few things I want to get done in Marlin, the RV, because I am thinking he will go back to our campsite this weekend since LL fixed everything on it.

Friday, I hope we go to the campsite.  Even if it is raining a little.  If it is a full blown storm, we probably will wait.

Hope you all have a great week!


Marlee said...

Ha I have a hard time letting go of my old car. It barely works but it gets me from points A to B. I just can't let it go! You're stronger than I am haha !

Kayli said...

Sounds like he's a smart title, no sale!

Did you get my note about coffee/tea?

Konnie said...

Kayli, No, not sure. was it on your blog, phone,.....I will go a searching:)