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Monday, May 9, 2011

Blooming Kinda Day

Hope any mothers reading this had a good Mother's Day yesterday.  My day was how I like it.  Layed back, slow pace, kids at my beck and call:).

Bailey gave me a sweet trio-vased flowers.

LL gave me beautiful roses.  Very unusual color.

We all end up at Mom's house.

Last year we all visited outside for Mother's day.  This year the weather was nasty, so I am glad Mom's living room is large.

Kane cut some lilacs from my tree and he and I made several bouquets.  We took a couple over to the St. Louis Cemetary, where LL's parents are buried.

The weather was grey and threatening, so we did not stay long, but I wanted one more picture of cherry blossoms.  I know they wont be around much longer.

It was a nice day.  Bailey's friends worked on this computer last night and it is working much better.  So, hopefully I will be back to blogging regularly.  They did a great job and our computer is working great.  Uploading my pictures are still taking forever, but that is more of a internet connection issue that we still need to fix.  I think I am going to owe a couple of Bailey's friends Lots and Lots of pizza:)

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