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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

LL and I went for a scooter ride on Sunday.  Our weather is so unpredictable lately, that when we saw it would be nice for a few hours, well we did not want to waste it.

I made sure my Baby was on board so I could take a couple pictures.  I wanted to get a picture of Mt. Angel from a different angle.

After taking that picture, I turned around to look at the huge nest on a pole.

I realized there was a couple birds and a good person would have left them alone.  But it was me, so I made LL ride over to see if he could get them to move.

Well hello there birds.

I need to get moving.  Hope to get up north to Whole Foods.  Need to do it early because even though I have been careful with my eating, I have been having "issues" over the last few days.  It always seems no matter how I am eating, after my body adjusts to the change, I start having "issues" again.  But it is still a huge improvement from when I was eating gluten.  I am just a little sad that once again, I am having to be more of a hermit.  Oh, I still can get out and go places, I just can't eat that day till I get back.  So since I am already hungry this morning, I need to get going because from start to finish, this trip will take about 3 hours, plus I want to stop by Mom's.  So have a great day.

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