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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Miller's Crossing Ready for Summer

LL and I did not get up to the campsite till 6:00 or so Friday evening.  Just enough time to set Marlin up, start campfire and heat dinner over it.


We just relaxed by the campfire for the rest of the evening.  Beau relaxed in his spot.

In the morning, before breakfast and before working on site, we took my point and shoot camera, coffee and Beau for a long walk.  The water was down and beautiful.

After our walk and breakfast, LL took the pickup and got a load of small gravel for the tent sites and got them finished.

I took my good camera for a walk and was hoping to see some deer.  I have seen some every time we have been here.  But no such luck this trip.  LL did see four of them though.  They are darker than the ones we see down in the valley.  I guess to blend in with the dark forest.

By the time we left, our campsite improvements were finished, and I gave Marlin a good wipe down inside.  So hopefully from now on, our camping will be for fun and relaxation.

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