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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rocketing towards Summer!

It is suppose to be 73 degrees here today, 77 degrees tomorrow.  Oh I hope, I hope.  Every morning, before LL goes to work, he asks me "what's your plan for today?"  I usually answer it vaguely, because frankly, I am always at the mercy of my "digestion". the weather, Max, and right now my cold.  But today I answered, "well don't expect anything done inside today because what ever energy I have, I am using on the yard and garden".  So today I want to get some garden plants in.  I haven't figured out what to do to keep free ranging hens from eating my plants.  I think I need chicken wire and fence the area off.  But I always put salad veggies potted on the balcony, and that I can do today.

My rocket rhodies are in full bloom right now.  A couple more weeks they will be withered and gone.  My lilacs won't be around much longer so I am going to cut lots and lots of bouquets and put them around the house.  It is starting to feel like the entry season for summer.  Bye Bye aching joints, winter depression, and fire place lit.  Hello sunscreen, sundresses and salads for dinner.  I love late spring and summer.  Can you tell:)


Cottage Tails said...

awwwww we are are saying hello to winter down under. - But we have had some beaut days & I get outside as much as I can to enjoy the late autumn days.

I can smell your home filled with lilacs - my fav!

Love Leanne

katie said...

Let me know if you need chicken wire... I got some to keep Rogue out of my garden 2 years ago and it was cheaper to buy a whole roll than just what I needed, so I have lots! Happy planting!