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Monday, May 23, 2011

Kathy and David Show

Kathy, my sister's birthday is Tuesday.  So Mom and my siblings and I went to Kathy's home to celebrate with her.  She was in a great mood but a little rambunctious.  Eventually, every one's eye glasses needed to come off. 

As usual, Kathy was very happy to see Mom, but when it came to the rest of us, well she only had eyes for....

David!  Well there is no understanding of some people's taste.

David secret weapon is that all the rest of us give Kathy practical gifts.  Dresses, lotions, nightgowns, shorts and summer tops.  Doug always gives Kathy a gift card from Dairy Queen which she loves, but David always, always, always brings her a stuffed animal.

Kris and I were thinking next time, we all should bring her stuffed animals, but then when she likes Davids best, where will that leave us?  So we will just let him have his moment with her.

Karen did give Kathy a tye-dye dress that she loved.  She put it over her clothes.

And as usual, before we left, we got a group shot.

After the visit, we went to Wooden Nickel for lunch.  It is a Restaurant/Pub.  And I am happy to say I had a loaded baked potato and did not get glutenized and had no issues afterward.  Thank you God!

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