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Monday, May 23, 2011

Week 21, 2011

LL and I kept busy this weekend.  Friday night, I watched the first episode of the final season of my beloved Larkrise to Candleford on PBS.  The season has only a few episodes, so I am savoring it.

Saturday morning, LL and I went fishing.  I caught one right away, but it was too small, and we just had bites after that.  We got home just in time for LL to go to the pet parade.  I didn't make it this year.  The rest of the day we worked on the garden.  Too bad I didn't read comments on my blog before this, because my niece had some chicken wire to give us.  We ended up buying a small roll to protect against the very rude and ravenous chickens.  We took a scooter ride to my mom's house.  That evening, LL took Max to a dance and they both had a good time.

Sunday, I went to Kathy's home to celebrate her birthday, went out to lunch.  LL spent that time trimming hedges and working around the yard.  When I got home, I refilled the vases with fresh lilacs.  Just a few more days before they wither.  I love how fresh the house smells when the french doors are wide open, and lilacs are in every room.  I so wish I had fresh flowers blooming all year to bring inside. 

Later in the afternoon, Bailey and Rett took Max to our local theater to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean.  Boy, Max was so excited to go and was so happy when he returned.  I guess the movie was great.

This week I hope to set up a time to have coffee with Kayli from Sitka.  Looking forward to meeting her in person. 
Monday, today, I have some more garden plants to pot for our balcony.  And need to start planning food for this next weekend.
Tuesday, I am going to try to pop in and see Kathy for her actual birthday.
Wednesday, I have an important meeting for Max.  About his work and home staff.  Really hoping this meeting goes well.
Thursday, I will be finishing up getting ready for a few days at Millers crossing.  LL and I are planning on going even if it rains a little.  If it is a totally storming weekend, we will stay home, but a little rain never hurts anybody.  Especially Oregonians!  I will bake, premake some food, pack up, and get my chicken coop cleaned out.
Friday, LL has the day off so we will go to our camp site in the morning.  I am hoping Kane or Bailey brings Max to us on Saturday afternoon.  And even better, I hope Kane and Bailey stay a day or too.  We will have tents set up in case someone wants to visit.  There is always room in Marlin, but I know both Kane and Bailey are tent campers.

I hope you all have a great week:)

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