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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week 22, 2011

Well, to say my weekend was a disappointment is an understatement.  LL and I took our time getting to the camp spot.  Arrived around 1:00 and he was ready to take a nap before 2:00.  That was OK by me, because I had a hot coffee, a good book and a fire to sit by.  Watching the weather change within seconds.  Beautiful blue sky with fluffy clouds, then whoosh, rain clouds roll in and drizzle with an occasional down pour.  This went on throughout the evening.  Still I was hoping for better weather.  Saturday morning was the same but it did eventually dry off enough for us to get the tents up.  We were expecting the kids later in the afternoon. 

Then it happened.  Don't know how exactly, but LL injured his back.  At first just a slight pain but then it increased.  So by the time the kids arrived, he wasn't feeling so hot.  Still he took a long walk with Bailey, Rett, Max, Kane and Rufus, while I stayed by the campfire.  While they were gone, the thunderstorm arrived.  I am still surprised they were not wetter when they got back.  We made hamburgers and steak over the campfire and Coleman stove.  Kane went home that night.  Rett and Max slept out in the tent, Bailey, LL and I in Marlin.  Around 4:00 am, LL's back was beyond painful but after pain medicine and a move to a different bed.  He managed to sleep a little longer.  I knew then though that our camping time was over.  There is no way he was going to last till the end of the weekend.

So after breakfast, we broke down camp and was home by noon on Sunday.  LL nursed his back the rest of the weekend and hobbled to work this morning.

Today, Tuesday I already went to Salem and got my blood test done.  I have an appointment next week with my Oncologist so this is my week of waiting and hopefully not worrying too much.  It's raining here right now, so for the rest of the day I will clean and do laundry.

Wednesday is my sis Kris's birthday.  So I hope to run over to her house for coffee in the morning before she heads to work.

Thursday, suppose to be nice weather so outside I will be.

Friday, Beau gets gussied up by Vicky his groomer.

Who knows exactly what will go on this week.  Hopefully Mom will stay on the road to recovery and so will LL, but we will see.

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