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Living with intention

When stumbling through life isn't good enough anymore..... decide to be yourself and enjoy life, and pay attention to Gods gifts all around.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I have been spending quite a bit of time with Mom.  Going over there this morning and will see if she needs to see doctor again.  Max's big meeting was yesterday.  3 hours long.  Don't know how well it went.  I will know the results of it in a couple weeks.

Since the weather will not be so good tomorrow, I am not scrabbling around to get things done for the weekend.  We won't be in a rush to get to the camp spot so I will take my time this evening and tomorrow getting food and items ready.  Then even if it is raining, we will mosey on to Miller's Crossing in the afternoon tomorrow.  That is if I feel Mom is on the mend.  David will be around for her Friday and Saturday if she still needs lots of help, but I just get nervous when she is so ill.

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