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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Early Morning Rising

Well hello there.  4:00 AM here and you know what that usually means......Bad night:(  I need to get my detective hat on and start itemizing all my food again.  I might of been glutened.  What I ate for dinner had no gluten.  But what was different is that Bailey made dinner for her dad and Rett last night.  Pasta alfredo with garlic bread.  Looked and smelled great and no I did not eat any.  But I made my dinner afterwards while there was crumbs and glutened food all around.  But I was careful.

So the other choice is that something I ate yesterday, I am allergic to.  I have two suspected foods, so I am going to have to journal my foods for a while and test things out.

So here I am a bit worried.  Dr. L's office called a couple days ago and moved up my appointment.  Which means I go to Portland tomorrow for my exam.  This isn't fun under the best of circumstances.  But because of my bad week or so, I have open sores.  So the enema prep and the scope exam will bring more than a little discomfort.:( 

So I have had little sleep but after tossing and turning a couple hours, I decided I might as well get up, write a post and watch a bit of news.

Something you might notice in the next few days, I am starting to revamp my blog a bit.  Take some things off, add some other things.  Not getting rid of any posts, just changing it up a little. 

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Cottage Tails said...

Your blog design is looking soo nice. Gonna be all ready for 4th July.
Sorry to read about upset. Did you love being up at 4am - home all quite & peaceful? Gonna join me every morning?

Love Leanne