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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Friends Pick Up

Another beautiful morning here in Silverton Oregon.  I am hoping to take the camera out and get some shots today.

Yesterday, I had coffee with a friend here at my house.  She came around 10:30 and it was fun catching up.  Then another friend came over and the three of us visited till around 2:00 in the afternoon.  Both of these friends of mine work for two different school districts and are both off work for a few weeks.  So this is a good time to catch up and hopefully spend more time with them.

I noticed something very interesting while we were visiting.  We are different ages, but we are all at the same point in our lives.  Our kids are now all adults, and we are all making similar choices for our lives.  It is interesting getting together with an old friend to catch up on each others lives.  The details are new, but the relationship picks up where it was left.  So even though it had been months since I spent time with these two cherished friends, it felt so comfortable, familiar, like it had just been a week.  That's when you know you have good friends. 


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