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Monday, June 20, 2011

Week 25, 2011

Good Morning!

We had a good weekend.  Saturday, it was rainy.  LL and I worked in spurts and was a bit lazy.  I used the weather as an excuse to get gluten free meals in the freezer for myself.  So I barbecued a couple chicken thighs, made a roasted vegetable soup and also used leftovers.  Made rice and baked potatoes.  So I have 6 meals in the fridge for an unexpected meal.  We then went to Mom's and had peach drinks with Mom, Kris, Steve and Kara.  Actually I had wine, since I don't think the peach drink was GF.  We watched home movies.....I needed to see and hear my dad's voice.  A bitter sweet evening.

Sunday, Father's Day.  I made breakfast for LL and the kids, we watched an old movie with Kane.  And around 11:00 we all got busy and went to work on the yard, pool, hot tub, etc.  That is basically what LL wanted for Father's Day.  Help getting ahead on the work outside.  So Kane mowed, Max swept and picked up debris and Bailey worked at scrubbing the hot tub.  She had the worse job of the bunch.  I helped her, cleaned around the pool, and worked inside.  LL worked mostly on the pool.  So now the place looks better, hot tub is up and running, and the pool will start to be filled on Tuesday evening.  So what's up this week.

Today, Monday-Bailey has the day off so I think we might work around here and also run to Salem to visit my sis, Kathy.

Tuesday, I am brave and made a coffee appointment with a friend.  I need to just plan on spending time with people and if I have to cancel at the last minute.....So be it.  I have 4 different people I have been meaning to get together with.  Kayli from Sitka is one.  Pam, my friend I am meeting Tuesday is another.  I have friends that have been patient with me but  me not keeping them a priority is not a good thing.

Wednesday-I need to get ready for a couple days away to Miller's Crossing.

Thursday-I am hoping when LL gets off work, we will head to the camp site.


Saturday-depending on the weather, might stay camping or might come home.

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