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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Getting Ready for Summer

When you have a pool, getting ready for summer is not a relaxing task.  Last week, the day after my brother was out of the hospital, he wasted no time trying to get his pool ready.  My brother and sister live next door to each other.  Karen's house is on the left, David's is on the right.

Since I am not putting many annual flowers in this year, I am going to need to enjoy their many that are in their yard and border the driveway.

Doug and John helped David empty his pool.


He still did far too much.  Kris, Steve, Karen all helped with cleaning and painting.

I have not been back to take a picture of his pool.  But while David was getting his pool ready, we were getting ours emptied, cleaned, painted, and refilled.

My garden is growing much better this year.  Last year, my garden was sad because I decided a little late to go organic.  This year, I treated the soil with manure and compost and it is sure making a difference.

I did have to replace my cucumber plants last week, between the slugs and rain, the first ones never stood a chance.

My strawberry plants are doing well, but we have replaced this one spot twice, but the chickens who don't seem to bother the plants or berries, insist on digging up this one spot and sun bathe in it.  So I am just going to live without the one plant.

And here are my three lovely ladies.  I really do love them.  Well maybe not so much Hannah, but you already know that story.

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